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*Special Properties Visual VFX
*Video/Film Editing to 4096x4096
*Chroma-Luma Key Blue Screen BG
VJ/Live Video Mixer to 8 Cameras
Graphics/Animation/Web Design
Cinematography/DOP Videographer

   Two Hitachi 2/3" 3 CCD TV Studio Cameras
   Fujinon A16x9.5 TVBC Zoom Lens

   Canon 5DMk2,Canon 7D; L f/2.8 24-70mm
   Canon f/4 300mm,Wide Angle 19mm

   Two Korg 4 Track Digital Recorders
   16Ft Wide X !2Ft Long Blue Screen                                            
   Ross Broadcast 16 Channel Production Switcher

High Quality Digital Photography

 Visual VFX,Music Experts

KEYTOUCH64 X11 GNU Quad Opteron
Video Stations; Vidcomp EFX

X11 GNU Suprnova 3D Compositor HQ DVD 
1080p,2k to 4096,1.5,1.77,1.85,2.35 Academy.

*Audio Mastering/Recording/Mixing
*Music Composing,Arranging
*Vocals/Lyrics/Drum Beat Creation

We can do what Hollywood does at low cost

Numerous Overlays,3D Perspectives
Camera Rotation,3D Object Mapping
Motion Tracking,Animated Compositing,br /> Atomos Ninja 2 Apple Pro-Res 4-2-2 1TB SSD,Hall Research TV350 HD 2k Upconverter,Video Equalizers,Roland V8 Profess.8 Channel Video Mixer with EFX. 50" LED 1080p Monitor

Videos Featured


  1. Dating On Mars Official Web Trailer DVD-Wide:Official Trailer
  2. Frank Piombo & Rod Williams Band at Williams Center East Rutherford
  3. Hotbox 69: Music Group Performance
  4. Pop Dance Artist Blaise: Lostboy(Smoke and Mirrors Mix)
  5. JRband: at Richies, Edison
  6. JRBand: at Maguires
  7. Pop Dance Artist Blaise: Sugar Honey Heartbreak
  8. Pop Dance Artist Blaise: Take It All (Steel Remix)
  9. Pop Dance Artist Blaise: Album Release at Saint Asbury Park-feat. Team Blaise Dancers
  10. Pop Dance Artist Blaise: Album Release at Saint Asbury Park(cell phone)
  11. Pop Artist Nebuilah: I Am Not A Plaything
  12. Island Connection: Presentation Corp.Event
  13. VFX-1
  14. VFX-com


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