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Dating On Mars

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LiveDesert Productions use the Professional Canon 5D Mark 2; Professional L-Series 2.8 lens, 75-300mm Ultrasonic Telephoto Lens, and 19-35mm Wide angle lens.  Additional Canon  DV  Video Cameras  with 1394 Raw Fisheye wide angle lens for multi-angle setups.Editing 2k,3k,up to 4096 and NTSC Video on Keytouch64 R/T Quad Opteron Video Station 2 with 64bit Cinemovie. Compositing done with house 64bit VidcompEFX 2.4B on 2.6.24 GNU/Linux OS

VideoJockey (VJ) capable with on scene Live 6 Channel Video Production Mixer Multiplexer Time Base Correctors. With capabilities up to 16 channels of mixing live video; RGB, HSV Color Mixer, Special Live Split Screen, Negative, Wipes, Dissolves, and other Special Live Properties; Flips and Paint Effects on Live Video. NTSC format. Professional 16 foot wide x 12 foot  long Chroma Key Blue Screen with Wall and floor coverage. Can provide setup mobile; inquire about our Blue Screen

Videos Featured

  1. Dating On Mars Web Series Trailer DVD-Wide:Official Trailer
  2. Frank Piombo & The Rod Williams Band at Williams Center, East Rutherford
  3. Hotbox 69 Music Group Performance
  4. Pop Dance Artist--Blaise: Lostboy(Smoke and Mirrors Mix)
  5. Jrband at Richies, Edison
  6. MaryJaneRobi at Maguires
  7. MaryJaneRobi Audio Sampler- Variety-AltPopDanceRockFunkModern
  8. Pop Dance Artist--Blaise: Sugar Honey Heartbreak
  9. Pop Dance Artist--Blaise: Take It All(Steel Remix)
  10. VFX-1:
  11. VFX-com:
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