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*Special Properties Visual VFX
*Video/Film Editing to 4096x4096
*Chroma-Luma Key Blue Screen BG
VJ/Live Video Mixer to 8 Cameras
Graphics/Animation/Web Design
Cinematography/DOP Videographer

   Hitachi 2/3" 3 CCD Studio Cameras
   Fujinon A16x9.5 TVBC Zoom Lens

   Canon 5D  MK2 L-Series F2.8
   Cannon 300mm,Wide 19-35mm

   Korg 4 Track Digital Recorders
   16Ft Wide X !2Ft Long Blue Screen                                            
   Broadcast 16 Channel Production Switcher

High Quality Digital Photography

Visual VFX,Music Experts

64 bit Unix GNU Linux Qu ad Opterons
Editing Stations,Compositing HQ DVD

BluRay,1080p,2k to 4k,Uncompress 2k

*Audio Mastering/Recording/Mixing
*Music Composing,Arranging
*Vocals/Lyrics/Drum Beat Creation

We can do what Hollywood does at low cost

Numerous Overlays,3D Perspectives
Camera Rotation,3D Object Mapping
Motion Tracking,Animated Compositing


Videos Featured

  1. Dating On Mars Official Web Trailer DVD-Wide:Official Trailer
  2. Frank Piombo & Rod Williams Band: at Williams Center, East Rutherford
  3. Hotbox 69: Music Group Performance
  4. Pop Dance Artist Blaise: Lostboy(Smoke and Mirrors Mix)
  5. JRband: at Richies, Edison
  6. JRBand: at Maguires
  7. Pop Dance Artist Blaise: Sugar Honey Heartbreak
  8. Pop Dance Artist Blaise: Take It All (Steel Remix)
  9. Pop Dance Artist Blaise: Album Release Party at the Saint Asbury Park-featuring Team Blaise Dancers
  10. Island Connection: Presentation Corp.Event
  11. VFX-1
  12. VFX-com
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