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Dating On Mars

Cameras and Editing

LiveDesert Productions use the Professional Canon 5D Mark 2; Professional L-Series prime 2.8 lens. Canon 75-300mm Ultrasonic Telephoto Lens, and 19-35mm Wide angle lens.  Additional Canon  DV  Video Cameras  with 1394 Raw Fisheye wide angle lens for multi-angle setups.Editing 2k and NTSC Video on Keytouch64 R/T Quad Opteron Video Station 2 with 64bit Cinemovie. Compositing done with In-house 64bit VidcompEFX 2.4B on 2.6.24 GNU/Linux OS

VideoJockey (VJ) capable with on scene Live 6 Channel Video Production Mixer Multiplexer Time Base Correctors. With capabilities up to 16 channels of mixing live video; RGB, HSV Color Mixer, Special Live Split Screen, Negative, Wipes, Dissolves, and other Special Live Properties; Flips and Paint Effects on Live Video. NTSC format. Professional 16 foot wide x 12 foot  long Chroma Key Blue Screen with both Wall and floor coverage. Can provide setup mobile inquire about our Blue Screen

Videos Featured

  1. Dating On Mars Web Series Trailer DVD-Wide:Official Trailer
  2. Frank Piombo & The Rod Williams Band at Williams Center, East Rutherford
  3. Hotbox 69 Music Group Performance
  4. Pop Dance Artist--Blaise: Lostboy(Smoke and Mirrors Mix)
  5. Jrband at Richies, Edison
  6. MaryJaneRobi at Maguires
  7. MaryJaneRobi Audio Sampler- Variety-AltPopDanceRockFunkModern
  8. Pop Dance Artist--Blaise: Sugar Honey Heartbreak
  9. Pop Dance Artist--Blaise: Take It All(Steel Remix)
  10. Pop Dance Artist--Blaise: Take It All VFX(Steel Remix)
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